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Hutton Brand Consulting has a combined knowledge of marketing brands for well over 50 years, the majority of which has been within the Automotive and Motorsport arena, but thats not to say we don’t know our way around other sectors, we have experience in wine & spirits, fashion, property and technology. Having started in this Industry at the very start of this technology age, we’ve seen a transformation in working processes, design fashions and methods of delivery. Our mantra though is age old, keep it classic, keep it simple, in the words of Dieter Ram ‘less but better’

Tim Hutton

Having left school as soon as possible to study graphic design at art school, I quickly realised it was the career for me. Aged 19 I accepted a job in a London creative agency, specialising in automotive and motorsports clients. After four years I wanted a new challenge and accepted the job of head of design for Gumball 3000, who I would work for twice over the years. In the middle of my Gumball exploits, I added a few automotive advertising agencies to my CV, before taking a leap in to the unknown… In 2016 I set up my own automotive publication called Private Motor Club, a quarterly printed journal. This saw me travelling the world and building a vast network of contacts. Today I provide marketing, PR and design consulting for various HNW automotive brands around the world. In my down time you’ll find me driving my 1962 Jaguar MkII across Europe, whatever the weather!

Charlie Hutton

After studying Typography at The London Institute in the early 90’s one of my first jobs was working on Coca Cola and their sponsorship of the Atlanta Olympics and Euro96, a brief move to Covent Garden specialising in retail design, finally i found my passion in Automotive and Motorsport marketing, working with everything from Aston Martin to Skoda and Formula 1 to Moto GP. In 2005 I helped form a new design agency in Covent Garden specialising in luxury brands, after which i set my own agency up, specialising initially in Automotive and Motorsport. These days we tend to have a broader range of clients and be more selective of projects, I enjoy working closely with my brothers, we enjoy creating immersive collaborations with interesting clientele.


In this new flexible age of remote working, international talent is at our fingertips, and we take full advantage of this, with people all over the world, we have established working relationships with a number of experts within specific fields, from film-makers, writers and photographers to web developers and artists.